Natasha Snel

I have been working as a team leader in the secretariat of Department of Biology for five years now. As a person, I am committed, interested, constructive and curious. I try to be the connecting factor between question and answer. Because of my position at a secretariat, I experience the many factors within UU that are great, but I also regularly encounter the aspects that  could be arranged more conveniently.

At Biology, I participate in the Departmental Advisory Committee and that’s where my interest in co-determination was sparked. That makes me want to attempt to run for a seat of the support and administrative staff on the university council at List VLAM. I have a nice job with fine colleagues, but am curious about for deepening, such as meeting other people, exchanging knowledge and experience and being able to make it meaningful. We work in a wonderful, large organization. I would like to experience and learn more from this large organization. That space exists through a position in the council.  

UU as a place of social connection

In recent years we have experienced a lot. I’m thinking of Corona, but I’m also referring to projects such as working from home, flexi-working. The mental state of students and colleagues is a concern. The workload is high and we all have so much to do. No doubt that initiated policies have led to successes in targeted areas. But … not all changes lead to improvements in the areas of connection, findability, social safety and feeling welcome. I like to think about how we can make UU more attractive and challenging as a social connection place, without losing the positive results of what has already been achieved.

Administrative pressure among research and teaching staff.

I would like to be influential by starting the discussion about the sense and nonsense of the accretion of administration and our ‘purple crocodiles’. We need to let teachers teach and our researchers do research. Let’s be critical and restrained before we demand new reports, administration and/or information from them. 

Ample attention to the Support and Administrative Staff.

Much executive work has shifted from support services to departments in recent years. Support staff take care of administration and all sorts of things on the secondary process. With the knowledge and expertise that OBP personnel have, we can free our researchers and teachers (WP) to do what they were trained for, chose to do, and love. The difference between WP and OBP could be less tangible. Is it still of this time to separate OBP and WP. I will ask questions when pathways are developed for WP that OBP is excluded for or that are not considered important for OBP.

Systems must unburden users

In practice, IT systems and software unfortunately still sometimes lack user convenience and logical connections. UU is a leading educational institution and I would like to contribute to the professional appearance that goes with that. A well-tuned, set and connected IT base that is prepared for the future is essential.

Finally, I hope that my commitment to the University Council will be relevant to my colleagues. Please be welcome to approach me if there are issues that need to be brought to the attention of the co-council. I am happy to think along with you.