Eleni Braat


A strong university representation strengthens the sense of community at the university. The Utrecht academic community consists of the support and administrative staff, academic staff and students working together. Collectively, they are responsible for the direction of the university.

In university representation, I find it important to explore this commonality instead of thinking, speaking, and acting on the basis of sectional interests, administrative hierarchy or we-they opposites.

Critical, informed, tenacious

As a member of the Humanities Faculty Council, I experienced how the council can properly organize representation. I want to use that experience in the University Council.

It is my conviction that a strong council consists of members who think critically and constructively along with the board, are well informed and know how to remain in touch with their constituency, both for input and feedback.

A strong council knows that change in a large organization such as UU does not happen at lightning speed. An effective council is therefore both tenacious and patient.

Temporary lecturers, workload, evaluations

Important concerns that I am already experienced in are improving the appointments of temporary lecturers, the reduction of work pressure, and dealing with student evaluations as part of the quality assurance cycle of education. These points will continue to be important in the future.

Smarter academic year

In addition, I am very interested in how UU will contribute to the experiments around the design of a “smarter academic year”. This should ensure staff and students more calm and space. Furthermore, I am always open to (new) topics from my constituency.