Elvan Ibiçoglu

I recently became a lecturer in Psychology at Utrecht University.  Previously, I was a lecturer in Political Science at the UvA and a member of the action group CasualUvA.

As an action group you can exert pressure, but you have no say in the official meetings with the Executive Board. As a member of the university council, I can represent teachers by consistently and tenaciously advising the board. In this way, I can change the system from within.

University hierarchy

As a teacher, I have noticed that the university is a remarkably hierarchical organization in which the welfare and workload of teachers often goes unnoticed. This is very harmful to teachers, but also to the quality of teaching and as a result to students. VLAM is a stable and critical discussion partner in the University Council with an eye for these issues, which constructively raises this with the Executive Board.

My spearheads

The main points to which I will be working are:

  • permanent contracts for teachers
  • inclusion and diversity policy
  • democracy and transparency (including on university-fossil industry affiliations).