Gerhard Blab

I was born and raised in Austria, but have been working in Utrecht for 12 years. I teach Physics with a specialization in biophysics and microscopy. Furthermore, I am coordinator of the Master’s program in Experimental Physics.

Since my student days I have been involved in participation bodies.

I find it important to stand up for the interests of my colleagues and to ensure that the university is a safe and pleasant place to work and study.

University and Society

The university is more than just a place for academic teaching and research. We are part of society. We must therefore do more to involve people from all walks of life in the university, both within the institution as well as in collaboration and outreach.

Trust in staff

Some decisions may need to be made centrally, by the Executive Board. But where possible, they should be decentralized. From the university council, I want to impress upon the board that trust in colleagues in departments and faculties is necessary to create appropriate policies.

Recognition and appreciation

Recognition and appreciation is critical for all university employees, not only those in permanent or temporary employment, but also those who are indirectly employed.

Studying in the 3rd Millennium

During the corona pandemic, we learned that studying can be done differently ( though online education is not necessarily better…). What did we learn from that experience and how can it help us shape education for the future?